Broca de Perforación 12.25 in. GT Steeltooth Tricone Drill Bit, IADC 117

Broca de Perforación 12.25 in. GT Steeltooth Tricone Drill Bit, IADC 117

The family of Hughes Christensen GT™, GTX™, GX™ and STX™ tricone drill bits from Baker Hughes has accumulated significant field experience over the last decade, becoming the drill bits of choice for many operators and contractors in a variety of applications. These bits are built upon field-proven technologies, using high-quality materials and a superior manufacturing processes to provide reliable and consistent drilling performance.



  • Conventional drilling applications
  • Rotary and motor applications



  • Maximum Penetration - Aggressive drilling action because of very large cone offset and deep intermesh tooth design with good ventilation.
  • GX ST Technology - This ST Technology improves the drilling efficiency of the cutting structure with trimmer pads that remove uncut rock ribs at the corner of the hole, relieved cone steel, aggressive tooth pitches and active shear cutting gauge compacts.
  • High RPM Drilling - Durable steel tooth bit designed for high rotary speeds in very soft formations with low compressive strength.
  • Shirttail Compacts - Tungsten carbide compacts are added to the shirttail to reduce leg wear in abrasive formations and deviated or horizontal wellbores.
  • Motor Hardfacing - For additional protection in high-speed, directional, or abrasive applications, motor hardfacing can be applied. Tungsten carbide particle hardfacing is applied liberally along the shirttail and extended up the leading edge of the bit leg.
  • Center Jet - A fourth jet is positioned in the center of the bit and utilized to prevent bit balling and the associated reduction in penetration rate.



  • Size: 12.25 in. (311.1 mm)
  • Bit Type: GT-CMS1
  • IADC: 117
  • Tooth Type: Steeltooth
  • Bearing / Seal Package: Journal / Shrouded O-ring
  • Connection: 6-5/8 REG API
  • Max. Weight on Bit: 20 - 50 klb (8 - 22 tn or kdaN)
  • Rotational Speed: For Rotary and Motor Applications
  • Make-up Torque: 28.0 - 32.0 kft-lb (38 - 43.4 kNm)